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Why has the Gingerbread Museum become one of the most favourite spectacles in Szekszárd?

  • Because it provides profound, colourful, quality programs in the historical centre of Szekszárd
  • Because the guidance is held by a member of the Petrits family, enriching it with private experience.
  • Because it is part of the national heritage, Szekszárd Town Merits
  • Because it awaits visitors with reasonable prices.
  • Because you can purchase our handmade products: gingerbread, candles and candies on the spot.

What is on display in the Gingerbread Museum?

  • The history of Gingerbread craft
  • The tools of the craft, hundred-year-old icing tubes and all the tools that were used by the old masters.
  • The machines and tools used in candy and lollypop production
  • The items used at producing Crust-spill (exp.: Diana candy) products
  • Equipments for making traditional Christmas fondant (“szaloncukor”)
  • How drawn and dipped candles were made?
  • The history of the Petrits Company way back to 1825
  • A score of gingerbread hearts, cavalrymen, dolls and numerous amounts of beautiful candles

And if it all sounds too dry and boring...

The equipments and tools of gingerbread, candy and candle production and their uses are also shown in an entertaining film. We can ensure that during the time spent in the Gingerbread Museum you not only gain information, but also experience .....


Gingerbread Museum and Shop
H-7100 Szekszárd
9/b Munkácsy Street


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